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New Star For New Future


Dear Customer,

We thank you for your business support In the past years.

It’s our liability to supply quality cast and machined parts on time. We are on the way of business growing faster in recent years. This depends on customer’s trust and support. In order to improve our capacity, Wing Kam has invested on a new foundry in Tangxia Town, Dongguag, Guangdong since the beginning of this year. We added gravity die casting and lost wax investment casting process in the new foundry. Plus sand casting process, we have three casting process in the new foundry, and can cast aluminum, bronze and stainless steel. New foundry will be operating in July 2021.

Our old manufacture site-Wing Kam Bronze foundry (Shijiazhuang) will continue the operation; however, due to the local policy, the manufacture has been affected by policy. We are apologized for the delay in delivery in the past. Hope our new foundry will improve the delivery.

The new foundry address is: No.101, 5 building, Juhongxin Industrial Zone, No.10, Keyuan yi Road, Tangxia, Dongguan, Guangdong province China. Tel(Wechat): 13902984187

Thanks for your contact.

Mr.Wang liduo

CEO of Wing Kam