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Sand casting: We started sand casting from 2003. Now we have two manufacture site for sand casting. The total molding area is 2200 square meters. Monthly capacity is 50 tons casting. Sand casting can make bronze. Aluminum and stainless
Lost wax investment casting: We started lost wax investment casting from 2012. Now we have two manufacture sites with investment casting process. Monthly capacity is 30 tons for bronze casting. Lost wax can make bronze, stainless steel & special alloys.
Gravity die casting: We started gravity die casting from 2021. Now we have two semi-automatic Monthly capacity is 30 tons aluminum castings. Gravity die casting can make aluminum casting only.
CNC capacity: We have 43 sets CNC machines in our three foundries’ The maximum milling machine is 1500mm*800mm Hartford CNC; the maximum turning lath is 1200*800mm. Most of our machines are made in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Germany, such as Dosan, Feeder, Gildemeiste, Wia, Mazak. Our machinists are with more than 10 years experiences in machining casting work.