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Greeting in New Year 2023

Dear Customers, Vendors & Members in WK,

Tiger Year 2022 is ended, it’s entering into New year-2023 Rabbit year. I am on behalf of Wing Kam shareholders to thank you for your supports in 2022.

2022 was a very difficult year because of Virus. We can’t continue the international marketing in this year. World economy is weak, our orders are not enough. Some orders were delay to customers because of the several closing on our office building, workshop, even Shanghai whole city. In facing these difficulties, our directors lead all staff to think over the way for solution. In year 2022, our company’s income has kept the stable growing. We thank all customers’ support, especially the special help from Australia customer. New and old customers have ordered 156 new cast projects in 2022. We sent 180 shipments and it’s one shipment per two days in 2022. Our delivery is improved in 2022.

November 2022 was the worst in whole year. Most of our members were infected. Government closed all local factories for one month. This is causing some orders delayed. We wish customer can understand. We will arrange production on these delay orders in advance after our holiday time.

In the new year 2023, we expect that Virus will disappear in all over the world. Our customers will be able to keep regular business as before. Market demand will be growing step by step. All Wing Kam people will not forget our service principle. That’s to be careful to deal with every customer, be careful to deal with each order and inquiry. We will continue to control the quality, and promote automatic construction. I believe our team is able to give a better service to customers in this new year.

Best regards
Mr.Wang Liduo
Director of Shenzhen Wing Kam Casting Tech. Co.,Ltd
Jan.19 2023