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Evaluate The Situation And Make Timely Adjustments

Since entering 2023, the international economic and political situation has undergone profound changes, and the international community is increasingly criticizing China, causing a certain impact on international trade. Wingkam is part of the international trade community and is also affected by the international trade order, resulting in a decrease in sales revenue.In order to cope with the impact of the external environment, the company decided to make work adjustments.

1.Transfer Dongguan investment casting production line back to Shijiazhuang factory to produce, open source and reduce cost;

2.Dongguan factory has started heat treatment, casting aluminum and conducting heat treatment on its own, and stopping heat treatment outsourcing work;

3.Invest in purchasing a new CNC lathe with a rotating diameter of 500 millimeters and a vertical machining center to reduce the number of outsourced machining and improve self machining capabilities; Accelerate product delivery time;

4.At the Dongguan factory, learn and try to set up a resin sand casting production line to produce cast iron and cast copper

5.Continue to expand domestic and international marketing, strengthen new product research and development, and maintain rapid development

Thank the old customers for their support and help to our work. Welcome new customers to contact us actively, and hope to reach a cooperation agreement as soon as possible to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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                                                                                                            September 11st, 2023