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China Toke Six Measures To Ensure The Stability And Competitiveness of Industrial And Supply Chains


On May 14, the standing committee of the political bureau of the CPC central committee held a meeting to discuss ways to improve the stability and competitiveness of industrial chains and supply chains.Six deployments were proposed .1. Deepen supply-side structural reform, give full play to the advantages of China’s ultra-large market and the potential of domestic demand, and build a new pattern of development in which domestic and international cycles reinforce each other

2. Carry out the project of tea base reconstruction and industrial chain upgrading, consolidate the advantages of traditional industries, strengthen the leading position of dominant industries, and promptly deploy strategic emerging industries and future industries to upgrade the industrial base and industrial chain modernization.

3. Give play to the advantages of the new nationwide system, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and technological breakthroughs, and strengthen the ability to guarantee key links, key fields and key products;

4. Continue to focus on key industrial chains, leading enterprises and investment in major projects, break through blocking points, connect breakpoints and strengthen factor guarantee;

5. We will speed up efforts to restore all types of shopping malls, markets and services to a normal level.

6. Strengthen international coordination and cooperation to jointly safeguard the security and stability of international industrial and supply chains.

Our company is engaged in traditional manufacturing, sand casting and precision casting, as well as advanced manufacturing, CNC machine tool processing and high-end parts research and development.After years of development, it has established a stable supply chain with international buyers.This year’s epidemic has seriously affected the normal order of international trade and the development of the world economy.The country’s top leadership has seen the situation and shown great foresight, pointing out the direction for the development of Chinese enterprises under the covid-19 outbreak.